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Maikhana Cuisine & Cafe
2 min readMay 4, 2021

Maikhana Cafe is primly located at heart of Islamabad E11 Markaz, bringing you the coolest, unique shisha lounge experience in Islamabad. A relaxing environment offering flavorful iced hookahs, rich espresso and coffee, delicious teas, chill music, a fun and friendly staff and plenty of comfy couches to relax in. Smoke. Drink. Talk. Study. Lounge with us. Come and visit Maikhana Sheesha Cafe in Islamabad for an amazing dine in experience. We offer amazing Sheesha/Hookah, Burgers, steaks, Pastas , Pakistani, Chinese and much more….

Location: E11/3 Markaz, Islamabad

Phone: 03325955523

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Sheesha/Hookah Service in Islamabad

Our welcoming atmosphere & delicious Hookah options create the perfect setting for a group party. Whether you are planning a Newport weekend with your new bachelorette girlfriend or have a local business that needs the right place to brainstorm and collaborate, we can Host or Cater your plans land or sea.

The Maikhana Sheesha Cafe is not just a regular sheesha cafe. It’s a huge, 6,000 sq.ft place, which is spacious, with an Vip seating area for its guests. The furniture and fixtures are neatly set out, and the servers there are courteous, and always on their feet to serve you. They have sports matches going on, with some music in the background, so you can smoke, eat, play games and laugh with your loved ones. I was invited there for a tasting session of best sheesha smoking.

Why Maikhana is The Best Café in Islamabad

Are you bored with the same old restaurants and hookah bars in Islamabad? Do you crave to try something new and exciting for a change? So here we offer you best environment food and shisha. Our shisha game is stronger than any other restaurant or café in Islamabad. The vast variety of euphoric shisha and Turkish flavors will make you keep coming back for more. From Signature Flavors, Premium Blends to Exotic Flavors, the options are endless. We are not limited to just fabulous food and shisha. Our agenda is to serve as a hub of entertainment and amusement to lift your spirits when you walk into our café.



Maikhana Cuisine & Cafe

Maikhana Sheesha Cafe in Islamabad for an amazing dine in experience. We offer amazing Sheesha/Hookah | Visit Now